Live Performance in Berlin

The Infinity

acrylic on canvas

500 x 200 cm

My " Personn-Ages" fly away from The Infinity

During this genuine special day, which gathered 20 artists, I painted the Infinity, symbol of Unity between people...

While painting, I was in a kind of trance during this transcultural day. The Improvisional Music was the very essence of my deep feelings that helped me to project my Characters (Personn-Ages) on the canvas.

It was a real experience and I hope to redo this performance...

Farhad Kay



"Expérience  pluriartistique étonnante où chaque créateur  cherche à se mettre au diapason de l'autre, où les improvisations essaient de se parler et de s'ajuster...  La flûte est aérienne et virevoltante...
Ton papillon portant  des bonshommes nous fait décoller!"

Laurent Giessner 

20 Transculturals Artists

The hall where David Bowie recorded the album "Heroes"

Before painting

Farhad Kay painting The Infinity

The Infinity

Five Dancers through The Infinity

Dancers come out from The Infinity and I start painting my "Personn-Ages"

Dancing in front of The Infinity and "Personn-Ages"

The Interview 

The Infinity 

Signing the Infinity  

With Samson Marzbani, Pianist and Lela Peretto, Bodypainter 

With Samson Marzbani, Lela Peretto and dancers

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Joy & Unity!

Live Performance in Paris

Arbre de Paix d'Or 

Acrylique sur toile