Farhad Kay

I started to paint at the age of 15 when I left my country Iran.
I never went back there since I moved to France.

I think it created in me some kind of melancholy, which is still inside me, and was also at the origin of my attraction for painting. During years I was trying to find deeply my feelings inside me and to project my sensibility by expressing myself mostly in black and white... and sometimes mixed in red and yellow and finally in some blue..

I reached early the main subject of my paintings: "Personn-Ages" and it became the leitmotif in all of them.

Because we might all be somewhere just a Character in this life but the thing is that we may not always be aware about that.

And what I’m trying to do is to project these Characters, (Personn-Ages) you, me, everybody on the canvas and if sometimes one, by looking my painting, can imagine themselves behind it, then they'll share with me some of my deep secret feelings...


Farhad Kay